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$75 + Vision

March 27, 2013


What can you do with $75?  Maybe take someone out for a nice dinner, buy some cool jeans (on sale), or if you are visionary transform a space.  13 UH architecture design students were given $75 to do just this, testing their ideas and craft at full scale.   Yesterday, at the site of the Southern Artists’ Foundation (aka The Mullet), the five completed full-scale installation projects were unveiled.   What did we get?


A super-sized infographic by Rachel Lee, Jose Munoz, and Mirna Santillan, about the rising risk of Autism (the cause behind the Southern Artists’ Foundation).  The project spanning approximately 150’ traces the history of autism and the challenges, concluding with a call to action, to “do something.”


A set of 20 boxes that could be seating, tables, ladders, or combined to become any number of other things.  The boxes made by Jose Pedroza and Norma Santos are constructed entirely from recycled materials and enhanced by the graffiti artists who are out transforming the space everyday.


An interactive installation about the cost of housing in Houston designed by Cameron Goldsmith, Adan Razo, and Isaac Villanueva.  The installation mimicking typical “for sale” signs are packed with facts about housing, including the hourly wage required to rent an apartment at fair market rent, and on the reverse side ask people to share their “American Dream.”


A rope construction by Fidel Castro, Kongci Chan, and Scott Dailey, intended to create a “space,” in the alley.  The installation hangs between two buildings and is made from hundreds of feet of rope creating a complex shadow pattern on the sides of the buildings.


And finally, a giant chess board and set of chess pieces designed and constructed by Aldo Leyva and Michael Roeder.  The chess board, inside the building, supports the vision of the adjacent youth center—that chess is a game of patience and skill—and when practiced can build character.


Thank you to all who participated. Susan Rogers


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  1. Bill Neuhaus permalink
    March 30, 2013 06:57

    very impressive

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