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Scaling the Work: Neighborhoods and Parks

May 26, 2016
Clark Park, Northline Neighborhood

Clark Park, Northline Neighborhood

Because of the current propensity to do studies of our city only at the 30,000 foot scale—we decided to take on a more grounded and nuanced study of what the current park standards outlined in the Houston Parks and Recreation Department’s 2015 Master Plan mean specifically in our neighborhoods. For the purposes of this study we considered the recommended standards in terms of acres per resident for community, neighborhood and pocket parks combined (2.505 acres/1,000) and compared these standards to the existing conditions. In all cases we took golf courses out of the park area totals.

While we have not had the opportunity to do it for every super neighborhood in the city, below are the stats for 22 of our 88 super neighborhoods. What did we find? Take a look.

Light green circles represent 1/2-mile radius; light red circles are areas without parks (even in neighborhoods that meet the recommended standards)

Map of Neighborhoods Studies



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