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Quality of Life Agreement: Independence Heights

Home to more than 14,000 people, Independence Heights is located on the north side of Houston, approximately five miles from downtown, In close proximity to major freeways and transit corridors. The community was chosen to be part of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Great Opportunities (GO) Neighborhoods pilot program in Houston.

Over the last thirty years disinvestment has resulted in abandoned lots, public safety concerns, and high rates of poverty. North Main Street, a once-thriving commercial corridor, has few businesses remaining and much of our housing stock and infrastructure is in need of repair. Nonetheless, the community developed a vision built on the rich history of the community, and the strength of their people

The Vision

Over the last year residents, former residents, business owners, church leaders, parents, educators, community leaders, and community stakeholders have come together to imagine and envision a new future for the historic community. Six focus areas and 37 strategies were developed to directly work towards the vision for the community: Housing and Economic Development; Public Infrastructure and Environmental Sustainability; Education and Career Development; Health and Human Services; Art, Culture, and Preservation; and Crime and Safety.

Independence Heights is a vibrant community built on a foundation of faith and a historic past. We envision a safe and healthy community, with enterprise opportunities and resources that serve the needs of our multi-ethnic and multi-generational residents.
Over the last year we have come together as one community, to develop one vision. Our many voices have joined together in a chorus to imagine and work towards a brighter future for Independence Heights. We are proud of our vision, and we know that if we all work together we will be able to accomplish everything that we have defined in our plan.

Project Participants

The organizers of the Independence Heights GO Neighborhoods process acknowledge the invaluable participation of more than 250 people representing Independence Heights’ neighborhoods, churches, schools, institutions, organizations, businesses, elected officials, and others during planning meetings in 2009 and 2010. This is your plan.

Community Partners

Independence Heights Redevelopment Council
Tanya Debose

LISC Greater Houston
Amanda Timm, Executive Director
Paul Wright, Senior Program Officer

Planning and Consultant Team

Odin Zackman
Mara Guccione

Strategic Decision Associates
Jeff Stys

Community Design Resource Center
Susan Rogers, Director
Maria Oran, Publication Assistant